Women Who Ask For It

A drop of sweat curtailed down her plump cheeks, her mouth liberating heavy gasps.
Her hands wanted to reach out to the fresh scars left on her skin but her petite wrists could hardly move through the torturous cuffs.
Thirst explored her throat and her vision was painted with darkness, her eyes were trapped in a silk mask that restrained her to even see the misery she was into.
All she had to do was escape but she stayed, instead. Her body had achieved all sort of manipulation over her mind. She could not leave because she wanted it.

“Bend down.” commanded Noah. Violet dutifully bent with hands pinned behind, she lied down with her bare breasts pushed down onto the crumpled and disarranged bed sheet, which explained their last intimate act quite well- rough. His eyes focused on her ass, he pulled out his waist belt and unzipped his denim that was hugging his erect shaft. He pulled out his thing and did what he always used to do before thrusting his manly length inside her obeying slit. He confirmed “Ready?” “Yes Sir!” came the reply with an utterly submissive voice.

The bed sheet was the witness!

His manhood was intensely engrossed inside her, grabbing her hips. Soon his hands reached some greater depths of her body and his fingers started rubbing her clits rapidly. A small groan escaped from her thirsty mouth and she started swinging in his rhythm. As the slow and gradual motions started getting deeper and faster, her playful yet pleasurable moans grew louder. And the moans went a level higher when he reached the climax. Violet’s opening was oozing with Noah’s semen, her butt cheeks were flushed with the abusive exercise it went through. Her butthole was filled with the man’s milk.

Both fell weak on the bed, there was silence for a fair moment of time, the breathing was still rapid but this time the bodily purpose had ceased to exist as if the rain had poured all it’s precious droplets on the barren land; the thirst was nurtured. He unleashed her handcuffs, untied her blindfold. His lips still wanted to order her but all he could say was,

“Anything else Mam?”

She donned a faint smile and planted a playful kiss on his lips, almost biting the flesh. “Don’t let me reach the climax. Whip me unless and until I beg you to stop. Tomorrow, same time, same place.” Violet commanded in a firm voice and left the room with her body scent being caressed by the helpless bed sheet.

A real man is not the one who makes love as soft as rose petals. It is the one who lets the woman demand and isn’t afraid to shift controls.

That Day…

Love was when you left every piece of your heart naked and vulnerable in front of that one person.

It had rained for two continuous days but that day, the sun was shining bright up there. Despite of which she felt thousands of clouds gathering inside her bosom. She sat inside the classic, not-so-modern coffee shop and started browsing the streets. What she found was a handful of people with unfamiliar faces wearing vintage as well as fast fashioned overcoats. She sipped her coffee and tried to recollect all the words and phrases uttered by Xander in her empty yet crowded mind.

“I don’t want to be the victim again, hence I want to quit. ”

“I really wish to reconsider it but I also need to put the consequences in place.”

“Rebecca, I don’t want to leave but I have a decision to make.”

After few minutes of overflown thoughts, she found out the vacant coffee mug that she had just emptied along with the consumption of heavy feelings. The mug resembled her life without Xander – deserted. She paid the bill and the tip, without making an eye contact with the people around she started from the coffee shop with a warm fur jacket in her hand.

She headed towards her apartment in Houston. She walked through the streets with overloaded questions in her mind.While unlocking the door, she mentally prepared herself to find an abandoned apartment after his departure. As soon as she entered there, she felt a distinct presence of someone, the kind of presence that was comfortably familiar to her and which itself was enough to kick her estrogen along with every possible senses in her body.

It was Xander, standing in front of her island kitchen. Her jaws almost dropped and pupils dilated. It had just been a week since he left but it felt like a year to her. He reached to her with his slithering footsteps and got her tight into his arms. She held her back and caressed his head with tears rolling down her flushed cheeks.

“I didn’t want to hurt you. I am sorry that I did not trust you with my feelings. I was scared” he brushed his fingers through her hair. “We won’t know Xander until we try and for that we have to see the best and worst of each other. I am sorry that I…” he interrupted her with his lips pressed deeply against hers, feeling the wetness of her tongue. “I am still scared Rebecca, I am scared of being hurt but this is worth trying; you are worth trying. We can’t stop being vulnerable around each other; love always comes with grief wrapped in a blanket of happiness. And we are never being pushed towards it, we choose it” he held her face in both hands and touched his temple to hers.

That day, Xander had come to pick up few of his belongings and eventually was going to leave but no sooner than he saw Rebecca, he realized what he was carrying with him and what he was leaving behind. He could have left cushioning his bare heart but the separation also made him realize that not trying would hurt far more than what trying would hurt. That night, they did not say how much they loved each other because had they said it, it would have belittled the purest gesture they had just shared without uttering those words.